Green Marketing

Green Marketing

The environment is the set of elements that encompasses nature, life, society, and culture, it is the place where we live and enjoy natural goods, so it is of the utmost importance to take care of it, however, it is suffering of extreme pollution and everything is due to the actions of the human being, what are the causes of environmental pollution?

 There are multiple causes that give rise to pollution on our planet; Among the main ones are: deforestation, industrial and domestic waste, pesticides and chemical products, fossil fuels, high rates of garbage production, as we know every cause has consequences and this is environmental pollution, and this is the greenhouse effect that is getting worse as time goes by, causing an increase in temperature on our planet, for this reason we must raise awareness and sensitize the environmental problems that arise, awareness and environmental awareness aims to impart environmental awareness and value our environment to take into account a commitment to actions and responsibilities aimed at the reasonable use of resources and to achieve adequate and sustainable development.

 The importance of social responsibility lies in the sustainable development of society in the case of a solution system that benefits collaborating companies among other activist groups, caring for and preserving the ecological balance that involves the entire society.  

The relationship that social responsibility has with the environment is to request support from companies to apply the precautionary principle with respect to environmental problems, adopting initiatives of greater environmental responsibility, and promoting the development and diffusion of technologies that respect the environment. Likewise, I will propose some alternatives and tips to take care of the environment, take advantage of natural light and make measured use of lights, ensure that water is not wasted, plant trees and support everything related to sustainable technologies that seek to solve global problems. This is because concern for the environment has become one of the strategic points of many companies today. And it is that, if we do not take care of the planet, the consequences can be devastating.

For this reason, it is essential to raise awareness and make those around us aware of the importance of small gestures and daily actions, which, despite apparently going unnoticed, in the long term acquire an important role.

It is in our hands to apply and teach the next generations to recycle, to use less paper, to take cloth bags to the supermarket, among other actions, because our example is undoubtedly the best reference.

And if we transfer these good practices to the business sector, we find ourselves with environmental social responsibility policies, which are their manual of action to take care of the planet. Environmental social responsibility can also be understood as the commitment that companies make to preserve and care for the environment. 

 “Ecological marketing” or “green marketing”, which is born, precisely, derived from this new trend of “green” consumers. Companies implement green marketing strategies in two different ways. One of them focuses on the commercial and business area and refers to the product creation processes.

The purpose is to implement the appropriate measures to avoid damaging the environment and to market a final product or service that does not create any type of pollution, that does not generate waste and that has been created by optimizing resources.

The other ecological marketing strategy focuses on the social area, that is, initiatives are promoted to make internal staff and external customers aware of the need to protect and care for the environment.

IC Corporation is committed to sustainable strategies, this type of marketing can be “more expensive”, but it can also be more profitable due to the growth in demand. Beyond making an environmentally friendly product, business owners can do other things as part of their green marketing efforts. The following can be part of the green marketing strategy:

  • Use environmentally friendly paper and ink to print marketing materials.
  • Skip printed materials altogether and opt for electronic marketing.
  • Have a recycling program.
  • Use eco-friendly packaging.
  • Use efficient packing and shipping methods.
  • Use eco-friendly power sources.
  • Take steps to offset environmental impact.

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