IC Cares Foundation

We are a philanthropic association dedicated to contribute to the improvement of the fundamental pillars that conform the society, our main objective is to provide support -non-profit- to all those institutions, associations and organizations whose efforts and causes contribute to help the most helpless in different environments, for example: during natural disasters or through the development of scientific research in the field of medicine.

We also pursue the goal of improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities, ensuring the welfare of the elderly, children, promoting sports as a fundamental pillar of society, and contributing to the preservation of endangered animal species.


To assist communities in their transition to sustainable means, so that they can improve their situation and reach an optimal development. 


To be a sustainability professor in both words and actions, rescue and scientific causes that work to improve the quality of life and the environment of underprivileged communities. 


Animal Rescue

We support organizations in charge of the conservation of endangered species, build alliances with teams dedicated to the rescue of street animals, and support studies that pave the way for major advances in veterinary medicine.

Happy Childhood

We assume the purpose of collaborating with other foundations whose objectives are to provide well-being to the youngest children, to provide them with the tools for their full development and to guarantee their growth in suitable and happy conditions.

Studies and Research

We contribute to those institutions in charge of researching diseases, disorders, conditions and health alterations, such as autism, diabetes, cancer, fibrosis, among others. All this in order to achieve practical and effective solutions for society.

Community Assistance

We establish alliances with associations that promote health and human rights, and impact communities with operations and activations that offer real, immediate and tangible solutions, either through operations led by volunteer professionals (doctors and/or educators) or through food distribution to the most vulnerable.

Sports Development

Sport and physical activity are crucial for a long and healthy life. Sport and play improve health and well-being, lower life expectancy, and reduce the likelihood of various non-communicable diseases.



Our goal is focused on improving the living conditions of human beings and positively impacting their conditions. In this sense, we unite our efforts in different areas to provide significant contributions that result in progress and common welfare.


We know that our contribution is greater when we work together with people, organizations, companies or other foundations whose objectives are similar to ours and whose work corresponds to our mission.


We adhere to and give unconditional support to causes that benefit people, communities or animals in compromised or difficult situations.


Spreading the achievements of our management through the publication of reports, photographs and audiovisual material guarantees access to information for all and the honesty that characterizes the members of the foundation.


Together we can achieve wonderful things. We believe in working together and in the results that are achieved when the qualities of all are added and their strengths are united to achieve a common goal that - in this case - benefits the most unprotected people.


It is what drives us to give without expecting to receive anything in return, beyond the gratitude and happiness of the beneficiaries and those involved in offering help. Generosity is a virtue of all those who voluntarily offer their collaboration, time, work, effort and resources to contribute to people or animals in need.


Is linked to the responsibility we have acquired with all the people who have placed their trust in us. It is through these values that we manage and guide our tangible and intangible resources in order to respond to the needs of all those who fervently believe in the work we do..

Proud Sponsor of Animal Rescue

Proud Sponsor of Research and Investigation

Proud Sponsor of Happy Kids

Proud Sponsor of Community Help

Proud Sponsor of Sports Development

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