Management Skill Course


IC Corporation facilitated the Management Skills and Business Strategy Development course for its employees to provide them with tools to overcome the difficult situation that the pandemic posed. This online workshop consisted of 7 valuable modules: Management, Planning, Business Strategy, Opportunities, Creativity, International Negotiation and Self-Assessment.

It’s no secret that when you play a game of soccer and understand how the leader plays, you perform your role better. If the person leading the game is okay – and conveys it – so are you, and so are the chances of positive results. This analogy can explain the role of a manager within a corporation and the importance of awakening the management spark in each employee to achieve common goals. When staff understand the reason for each decision made by their superiors can execute with greater commitment and care the tasks assigned to them. It is for this reason that – with the goal of forming a team capable of exceeding any expectation – at IC Corporation the Management Skills course was taught.

This course started on May 10th through the IC Training platform and after 7 weeks of continuous teaching, the company had the honor of certifying 13 employees who had previously been selected for their qualities and functions within IC Corporation, as part of the essential staff to keep the company operational during the Emergency phase activated in the middle of the pandemic.

During the stage catalogued as Urgency the company was forced to close its offices and remain only with the management. It was the quarantine event that reminded the importance and magnitude that managers have, because in the middle of crises, they are vital to maintain basic and essential operations.

In this order, the people who remained in the company after the payroll reduction were chosen for their potential and based on the perspective of all that it is estimated they will be able to do during the Stabilization, Resurrection and Relaunch phases, stipulated within the 2020-2021 strategic plan.  

The course was documented with slides, text, graphics and videos, whose content was tested through evaluations and assignments related to decision making, leadership, proactivity, among other topics. Finally, the work was weighted under the premise that all the people had to pass the modules showing a real dedication: essential quality of a manager. It should be noted that being a manager goes beyond knowledge and involves understanding interpersonal relationships with a human sense. Therefore, motivated by the excellent results obtained by the team that completed their training, an award was given.

After addressing the importance of strengthening discipline inside and outside the workplace, promoting organization in all areas, emphasizing that a good manager is a person who maintains healthy relationships with others and learning to detect opportunities, among many other lessons, the online course ended with a self-assessment that invited analysis of real situations, with open questions that can be summarized in one: What would you implement in your current position?

This is how IC Corporation finally empowered it select employees to overcome all the obstacles of the year 2020 and prepare them for a Relaunch in 2021 that promises to be rewarding for all. 

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