What is the energy of the future?

Our vision of promoting innovation with sustainability, we are committed to helping offer solutions that provide the resources that the environment provides us, such as renewable energies, those obtained by taking advantage of the inexhaustible resources of nature, such as with the sun. or the wind, many times they are called, clean energies; because they are those coming from clean and inexhaustible resources because they are capable of regenerating in a natural way.

Renewable energies are the present and the future of the world’s electricity production. The term “renewable” captures the essence of this type of energy, embodied by its availability in nature and its capacity for continuous regeneration, without human intervention, spontaneously and in inexhaustible quantities.

Producing renewable energy means using the sun, the force of the wind or water and the heat of the earth, present in nature in an abundant and generalized way, to generate electricity. An energy that, compared to that produced by conventional sources, is capable of drastically reducing emission levels. 

Renewable energies are those that are obtained from natural sources that produce energy inexhaustibly and indefinitely. For example, solar energy, wind energy or tidal energy are renewable sources of energy. It is also considered renewable when it is obtained from sources that regenerate naturally over time, such as forest stands.

One of the main advantages of renewable energies is that, in addition to being inexhaustible, they present zero or low negative impact on the environment, which is why they are considered clean energies. Currently, renewable energy is a reality in our society and its benefits for the environment are more than evident.

All societies on the planet are energy consumers to a greater or lesser extent, but the reality is that most of the energy consumed comes from non-renewable sources, such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy, whose negative impact on the environment atmosphere is superior. Renewable energies is that they can be applied and exploited at the local level, which helps to depend on the dependence of populations on large energy producers, favoring economic development and job creation.  

Producing more and more renewable energy and abandoning conventional sources is a need shared by all countries in the world, renewable energy has proven to be positive for sustainable development, It helps to fight against change because during its production it does not emit carbon gases. greenhouse  effect, renewable energy is an essential ally to mitigate the impact of society on the environment. This helps mitigate the effects of climate change.

Reduce economic uncertainty because, unlike fossil fuel power generation, whose costs vary constantly and depend on the situation, the cost of renewable energy production is predictable and predictable. In addition, renewable energies can be found anywhere on the planet, which means a differential advantage for local economies, ensuring energy independence by not having to resort to importing fossil fuels.

Renewable energies are destined to become the most profitable source of electricity for the planet and economic development. Through the creation of shared value, circular economy approaches and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, renewable energies reinforce your answer to that big question: what is the energy of the future?

We certify that its increasing competitiveness (its costs evolve steadily downwards) we can ensure that clean energies are already unstoppable and will dominate the energy market of the future. That is why, IC CORPORATION, we are committed to being part of the change to achieve a sustainable future.

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