One of the most important and necessary sectors for the progress of any country is telecommunications. It is no secret to anyone that the implementation of technology contributes in various areas to economic and social development and improves the quality of life of citizens who have access to it.

Today the number of people connecting to the Internet is increasing, international business is more dynamic, companies are changing the way they interact and are using the latest advances in technology to do so . Smartphones, computers, software , mobile applications, tablets, among others, together with the Internet service have facilitated interconnectivity and communication with customers regardless of borders, allowing the marketing and promotion of products around the world. Additionally, the accelerated expansion in telecommunications has made it possible to attract foreign direct investment in the case of  countries in full development of their economies. In this regard, telecommunications mean for s company s communication, upgrade and progress. Each company faces the challenge of satisfying and streamlining internal solutions (related to operations) and external solutions (concerning interaction with its customers and suppliers) within new communication and service proposals.   

In that order, the importance that telecommunications systems and basic business management are gaining today, forces us to think about the creation and expansion of technologies that respond to the needs of the existing basic development structure. In the particular case of still developing countries, a step in the right direction in the telecommunications sector is an opportunity for improvement both on an economic, social and cultural level. From the perspective of Foreign Trade , the needs of the international market have forced countries to modernize and use technology as an ally to generate improvements in the exchange of goods through exports and imports. Today all payments for purchases or sales of products or services, advertising campaigns, communication between customers and suppliers is made thanks to the Internet, telephones and through banking agencies. What we want to reaffirm is that any company that markets must use technology so that it is not replaced or mobilized by other more competitive ones that do have technological resources as vital and essential elements.   

A verifiable benefit is that international trade can increase its productive capacity thanks to telecommunications and therefore provide more jobs to the inhabitants of a country.  

You need to put the focus on what is happening in international trade as these transactions are the basis of the economy and Estabi ity of it represents security for society. No one can ignore that imports and exports require always to be at the forefront in terms of telecommunications and technologies without leaving behind the high response capacity that is a strong benefit for trade.    

The advantage of a country to work with communication capability is that it can be easily integrated by other countries, and relate to attributes of interest according to the needs of technology (mobile or fixed, individually or shared, private or public, internet), additional attributes socio-economic and demographic.        

In short, telecommunications represent a very substantial factor in the economy, since it has been responsible for modernizing many factors that were carried out in rudimentary ways.  

Telecommunication includes various technologies such as radio, television, telephone and mobile telephony, data communications, computer networks, the Internet, radio navigation or GPS or telemetry.

IC Corporation has a long history in the establishment of wireless telecommunications services networks, omnidirectional antennas, microwave antennas, telephone exchanges, data control centers, structured cabling networks, telecommunications nodes and data processing, optical interconnection and video conferencing systems. 

The scope of the corporation has been verified in New York (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), San José (Costa Rica), Caracas (Venezuela), in the Caribbean Islands through the installation and uninstallation of Base radio equipment for updating Digicel’s mobile phone systems with a duration of 6 years and divided into 3 phases. First: It consisted in the design of the project through the elaboration of the engineering and surveys of the site. Second: it consisted of the installation of the equipment in approximately 6,000 sites. Third: it included the maintenance of the equipment installed in the second phase.

Some of the islands where IC Corporation projects have been carried out are : Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bartolomé, Bonaire , Cayman, Curaçao, Dominica, El Salvador, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Turks Islands and Caicos, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts . and Nevis , Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Martinique and Montserrat.

Another important project for this company has been the deployment of a broadband transport network based on fiber optic laying fiber optic (aerial and underground) in various states of Venezuela, for a total of: 115 links executed, divided into two phases (Phase III and Phase IV) c umpliendo the objective of the project in optimizing communication of the most important units CORPOELEC through the fiber optic cable that ran nationally for its advantages in speed, bandwidth and long range. The installation of these 115 links was completed successfully in the established time, which resulted in effective communication in real time between different geographic locations .

Similarly, with regard to this area in Venezuela , is carried out r ed telecommunications equipment, 78 nodes optical communications network structured cabling, optical fiber networks inside and outside, central theoretical PABX, center data control, videoconference rooms, telecommunications antennas in Ciudad Universitari a, Caracas and Maracay .

In short, one of the strengths of IC Corpotarion is its impeccable work in various countries in everything related to fiber optic networks and telecommunications and telephone equipment. 


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