International Trade

International Trade


IC Markets International Ltd is now part of IC Corporation’s Group of Companies and trades commodities and other semi-finished and finished products on a global scale for a wide range of industries. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and well-established.
Established in 1896, IC Markets International has become one of the largest, integrated commodity trading companies in the world

IC Markets International has traded in a large number of business ventures including but not limited to:

Soft- commodity trading experience dealing with futures contracts where the actuals are grown rather than extracted or mined. Soft commodities represented some of the oldest types of futures know to have been actively traded. This storied group included cotton, sugar, rice, and wheat as well as all manner of livestock. Soft commodities were sometimes referred to as tropical commodities or food and fiber commodities.

  • Extensive experience in the building materials and construction supply market includes engagements with manufacturers and distributors that provide cement Portland,  lumber, flooring, windows & doors, ceilings and drywall, paint and other interior products, plumbing and electrical products/services and more.

  • We deal in the international physical trading of metals and minerals.

  • Heavy machinery supply.

Our metals team is based in Orlando, Florida, with representation in, South Africa, Peru, Turkey, and West Africa. We trade in base metals, minor metals, and minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, tin, antimony, and zircon sand.

Our principal focus is in the procuring and trading of ores, concentrates, residual by-products, alloys and refined metals. In addition, IC Markets International has a number of specialist divisions which among their core activities includes the recycling of steel materials, as well as other scrap metals.​

Our key regions of activities are in Europe, North America, China, India and developing countries with metal and mineral resources.

We trade internationally on both spot and term contracts. We use our market knowledge, localized networks and good working relationships with our Regional Offices to trade physical commodities internationally.

  • Agricultural commodities or soft commodities, which include a variety of agricultural products, such as sugar, cocoa, wheat, and coffee. Food crops, corn, and soybeans; industrial crops, wool, and rubber.

  • A wide range of semi-finished and/or finished products for a wide range of industries

Through business hubs in the U.S., China, Spain, Panama, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the Dominican Republic we ensure s strong, reliable worldwide presence. In support, we operate a growing portfolio of production, logistics and storage assets.

In addition, IC Markets International has a number of specialist divisions which among their core activities includes the recycling of steel materials, as well as other scrap metals.

Our development is founded on organizational growth and expansion. We actively make substantial new investments in partnerships with customers, as well as in our network of commodity producers. 

You can find below just a few links on some of the products ICMI currently deals with:


Through a strong international network of dedicated distributors, IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL PRO™ is present in more than 60 countries throughout the world, making us a reliable functional protein supplier.


As a leading supplier of building materials, IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of cement products, suitable for all different uses, from general purpose to waterproof, quick dry, pre-mixed and ready-mix cement.


Our partners are the most reliable Steel mills able to produce and supply any flat, long or roundproduct, no matter what finishing process you may need.


IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL has a team of experts to help with all your livestock trading needs – no matter where you’re located. Using their specialist knowledge and access to a national network of contacts and market information, they can help you determine the most efficient way to source and sell your livestock.


IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL has extensive, accumulated experience in the meat trade. We supply fresh and frozen meat to butchers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotel chains and catering butchers throughout the world.


IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL is a dynamic hide, skin, wool and leather company offering services and products globally to our vast array of international clients. Established in 1896, this well established and reputable company has ensured that quality products are supplied at competitive prices to valued customers around the world.

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